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12 Rules of Bible Study

Sep 21, 22
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Most bible students benefit little – or none at all. Often they are confused, discouraged, give up and say, « I just can`t understand it. » I heard about Jordan Peterson about a year ago through a video on Facebook. I then watched his lectures on Youtube and was impressed by his common sense and well-articulated arguments and lessons, with occasional biblical elements here and there. However, I was a little worried about the far-right follow-up he had (I think, of course, as a vocal opponent of the far left), so I stopped seeing its content. I`m glad he`s back in the spotlight now (mainly because of that train crash when an interview on Channel 4 went viral) as it allowed me to know a little more about him. It is good to know that he is certainly not a defender of the far right, and on the contrary, he has managed to dissuade many of these young men from these far-right ideals and think more about the middle. Hopefully, it will now be able to gain a mainstream audience, and even if it doesn`t fully explain the wonderful truth of the Bible, it will certainly make many people think and take the right path. Pray also for guidance and wisdom on what to study. Then focus on a specific topic, book, or chapter. When God opens your understanding, what is confusing to the world becomes interesting and exciting to you.

No obligation and no participation fees. Free coffee and snacks provided. We`d love to meet you and you`ll be challenged and amazed by this series of Bible studies. This article describes the 12 rules of effective Bible study. I`ve been taught all this, but I`ve never really seen them in a description as clean and concise as this one. In the hope that there is more to Christianity than following the « rules » and going to church? Discover Jesus` 12 dynamic spiritual practices that will take you beyond the Sunday religion into the life for which God created you. Before you begin Bible study, ask God to open your mind to better understand the spiritual principles of the Bible. Each of the rules is a chapter – so let`s take a quick look at each of them. Recently, I discovered the website of God`s restored Church. Here you will find many books, brochures and articles to read and study. It definitely challenged some of the things I heard and learned and inspired me to dig deeper to understand the scriptures for myself, especially when something hits my heart.

Having recorded this skepticism, I nevertheless fully agree with Calvin that we must understand each other as best we can, and there are truths in history, literature, psychology, even in movies and in the Bible. I can see that Peterson probably offers the most here. But my answer to David`s selection is either (i) we already know; or (ii) we already know that Peterson is wrong in this regard. However, there are also some that (iii) are at least thought-provoking and often fun, if not new. Some selections from David`s selections as follows We have done a series of 12-week sermons on the book. Take a look There are some! And most ignore them, misunderstand them, or know nothing about them. But when applied correctly, these rules release the treasures of doctrine, teaching, knowledge, prophecy — and more — contained in God`s Word. The Bible is God`s manual for mankind.

But many don`t understand the value of Bible study or how to do it. Part 2 reveals the last 5 rules of Bible study and the many benefits of studying this living book! He then gives us some basic principles for raising children. Limit the rules; apply the minimum required force; Parents should come in pairs; Parents need to understand their own ability to be tough, vindictive, arrogant, resentful, angry and deceitful; Parents have a duty to act as merciful representatives of the real world. Do you want to learn great rules of life? Join Family Apostolic for a series of Bible discussions based on the book by Jordan B. Peterson titled The 12 Rules For Life. We are curious to see how these rules can apply to us from a Christian perspective.



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