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How do i get closer to crows versus managing you to definitely?

Mai 30, 22
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How do i get closer to crows versus managing you to definitely?

We have a family group regarding lawn crows. I too considered concerned about eating, but i have seen that they would not be dependent. He has got activity (a life) that doesn’t count on an excellent human beings schedule. I really don’t constantly feed yr round apart from a couple of stragglers one to hang around regarding cold weather. We offer watermelon on my balcony throughout the fledging. I’d rather that they nest in other places, but I am open-minded. It is stressful too me personally particularly when they stand shield twenty four/seven since there babies bounce from plant so you’re able to bush into crushed. Community cats loaf around and you will renders myself afraid in their mind. Whenever i supply I really don’t stay. We only feed after they sit at my personal kitchen window while I’m preparing otherwise undertaking the bathroom. They like short cuts regarding seeded cash w/ white peanut butter, poultry, boiled eggs (usually will select the fresh yolk and leave others) and you will cherries. It come across myself from the screen and roost in the window giving me personally goo goo attention. They change the nose up possibly and simply hang around roosting on the back of platform chair. He’s really teratorial and scarcely a conflict take on regarding the spring go out. I think new request to save new brooder given together with fledging given was exhausting so any food in spite of how tough to acquire are searched for from the a number of unwelcomed family. It dive bomb this new invaders as though they will beat an excellent hawk swooping of the. One time We obtained among its kids that i had noticed dropped outside of the forest too-soon therefore extremely triggered an uproar.

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