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Unfortunately, i don’t have much credit off their Philippine languages

Juin 18, 22
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Unfortunately, i don’t have much credit off their Philippine languages

Quick to adjust and alter towards the times and the requires of the speakers’ culture and you can government, it had initial lain quiescent within the controversies and arguments over its delivery and you can constitution

Maceda (1996) raises certain Cebuano content in her own discourse. Thus sheer was the latest installation, an individual can contextualize this is. Atienza, in the same guide used in his text message « pakikipag- lakipan, » brand new rootword of which, « lakip », is additionally found in the Cebuano lexicon. From the Upwards campus, that sees Cebuano signs such as for instance « Balay Kalinaw » and you can « Ugnayan sa Pahinungod. » Carry out more use regarding conditions off their Philippine dialects foster goodwill and you will unity one of the etnolinguistic communities regarding nation down the road? Getting a Cebuano, new researcher seems satisfied one some Cebuno terminology are in reality extreme regarding the national context. Most likely people in disparate ethnolinguistic organizations do probably have the same.

Concurrently, discover shown illusory hindrances towards the thought of an excellent unifying code, so you’re able to laughter: (1) there is no way to develop a national code from 1 from the nation’s 100-as well as languages; (2) brand new development out of a nationwide language often wither one other languages; (3) it’s similarly impossible to generate a national language considering several dialects; (4) regionalistic pride exists over nationalistic ambition –such as the Cebuano which claims toward using their own language more Pilipino.

But because of the rapid linguistic growth of both Cebuano together with Town Manila Filipino, there seems to be a cure for Filipino. Referring to manifested on the perceived overlap away from Pilipino and you will Cebuano compliment of its respective borrowings away from English.

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