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Camus’s Atheism and the Virtues of Inconsistency

Juin 23, 22
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Camus’s Atheism and the Virtues of Inconsistency

Craig DeLancey

Craig DeLancey flirtwith logowanie are a writer and you can philosopher. His books are « Gods from Environment ». Their functions during the viewpoints is Romantic Engines. He will teach on County University of brand new York during the Oswego.

Albert Camus demonstrated an atheism which had been sympathetic so you’re able to theists. This will be amazingly unlike the newest “This new Atheists” your big date, which believe theism is unsafe because it reveals the doorway so you’re able to fundamentalism. However, fundamentalism isn’t just a conviction one one’s sacred text message is finished and you can true, in addition to a request that we all the faith and you can work continuously with that text. Camus recognized this particular need for revolutionary structure was shared of the other styles regarding extremism.

In 1948, Albert Camus offered a demonstration from the a beneficial Dominican monastery. The fresh new invitation try uncommon. Nowadays, Camus’s top-understood novel are The fresh Complete stranger (1). He was also referred to as “the newest philosopher of the ridiculous” once the his philosophical article, The newest Myth of Sisyphus (2), grappled to the concern: why should you not kill yourself, because the latest universe are in the place of a function?

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