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Cisco routers possess three types of symbolizing passwords in the configuration file

Juin 06, 22
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Cisco routers possess three types of symbolizing passwords in the configuration file

Out-of weakest so you can strongest, they become obvious text message, Vigenere encoding, and you may MD5 hash formula. Clear-text passwords is illustrated in the peoples-readable style. Both the Vigenere and you can MD5 encryption methods unknown passwords, however, for every single has its own weaknesses and strengths.

Vigenere In place of MD5

The main difference between Vigenere and you may MD5 would be the fact Vigenere are reversible, if you find yourself MD5 is not. Being reversible makes it much simpler to possess an opponent to-break the newest encoding acquire this new passwords. Becoming unreversible means an opponent need to use much slower brute force guessing symptoms to try to get the passwords.

Preferably, the router passwords could use solid MD5 encoding, however the method certain standards, eg Chap and you can PAP, work, routers should be able to decode the original code to perform verification. So it have to decode certain passwords means that Cisco routers will continue using reversible encryption for the majority of passwords-at the least up to including authentication standards is actually rewritten otherwise changed.

Clear-Text message Passwords

Section 3 sets profil fuckbook passwords having fun with line passwords, regional username passwords, in addition to enable miracle order. A tv show work at comes with the adopting the:

The new highlighted parts of brand new setup are the passwords. Observe that the passwords, except brand new enable miracle code, have clear text. It obvious text poses a life threatening security risk. Anyone who can observe a duplicate of one’s configuration file-whether or not as a consequence of neck browsing otherwise of a back-up host-are able to see the router passwords.

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