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If you don’t like the rules you shouldn’t come to the room

Juin 23, 22
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If you don’t like the rules you shouldn’t come to the room

So last night when all the Jonny drama was going on, after he had been booted, at some point this name comes in the room and my radar got primed immediately because the first thing this name did was react to a Heidi comment. Heidi’s comment was something about how wireclub capitalizes the words Monday through Friday but not saturday or sunday and this new person, after having not spoken at all yet, typed all seven days of the week and none of them were capitalized and then says « it doesnt do that for me ». Some other flags to me were he made several comments that were a play on words, which Jonny does quite often. Someone made a comment about an album by a certain artist and i’ve seen jonny gush about that same artist more than once and pariah commented back on that. Then Stepp disparaged one of the roomies with a walrus comment and Nordy started singing I am the Walrus and Pariah reacted to that with yet another play on words on a particular line of that song that i’ve seen Jonny do a number of times. To me, one of the nails in the coffin is Jonny posted about the Paul McCartney video not only on his FB, but gushed about it in the room for several minutes a bit before he got booted and then later i see.

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