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Closing the fresh new Dialogue – Shame and you will Power

Juin 10, 22
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Closing the fresh new Dialogue – Shame and you will Power

Talking about models from the anthropological studies – it is area of the tacit society out-of powerlifting for ladies to help you concern wear booty trousers also to definitely remind one another to accomplish this. The fact that powerlifters on social networking and Jenna myself want to make is the fact using butt shorts try liberating and you will empowering for females, and therefore people who usually do not wear them is actually for some reason not convinced, and this try all of our jobs because people to improve you to definitely another’s depend on.

Policing Ladies’ Dresses and you can Government

It dialogue is a lot larger than booty jeans, bigger than just powerlifting, and it targets cultural beliefs from the and you will policing of one’s females human body – what it meant to look like, what it is meant to create, and you will, for the purposes here, just how to safety it correctly.

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